May 2018

Each component of a window and door – from the insulated glass to the hardware – is encapsulated within the frame. A well-crafted frame begins with raw materials that are transformed to windows and doors through a strict quality-control process. The different types of materials used for window and door framing have both pros and cons, but the right choice is the one that works in your home. Each material comes in a huge variety of options, so you will always be able to find your favourite style and colour, considering the other differences in materials. Discover what materials can be used for door and window framing.

–       Wood

Traditional wood provides good thermal abilities, lightness, grace and natural beauty. A wide range of species is represented by manufacturers and carpentry services in Toronto. It adds a classic element to your home, the look and feel of real wood cannot be beat, but the durability of this material is not the best comparing to synthetic materials. If wood door or window framing is not properly maintained, the weather conditions (sun, rain, frost, snow) and insects can spell a real disaster for wood frames. Besides, it requires special maintenance – periodically to be painted or stained. For wood window and door installation manufacturers offer an increasing choice of vinyl and/or aluminum cladding to minimize such maintenance requirements.

–       Vinyl

It is very frequently used window framing material, as it requires little maintenance and offers good thermal performance. Vinyl has a reputation for being energy efficient and durable. Add the fact that vinyl is easily made into various different styles and colours, it helps reduce outside noise entering the house. Another advantage is its budget-friendly price.

–       Fiberglass

It is a very popular option for window frames because of its similar look and feel to wood, without the maintenance. Fiberglass offers strength comparable to aluminum and insulating properties similar to wood and vinyl. This material is made to last, but has a price tag commensurate with its high quality, look, and feel. Another disadvantage of fiberglass is its disability to bent, which means these types of products are generally not available in round-top, elliptical and other specific models of door and window framing.

Windows and doors can say a lot about the people living behind them. Make the right choice with your window and door framing and installation.